​Welcome to the Lake Hills

Elementary Parent Teacher Student Association


Please Join Us!  By joining the PTSA you will support and help the entire school community.  

PTSA members enjoy benefits such as:

Connections & Resources: members have opportunities to connect with other families and school staff to build relationships, share comments and offer suggestions on how to improve the school community.

Gain Experience:  members gain valuable volunteer experience and put their skills and personal interests to use benefiting all children in our community.

Let Your Voice Be Heard:  
members have the opportunity to speak and vote at PTSA meetings on important issues. To make it easier for all to attend PTSA meetings, childcare is provided free for all PTSA members.

Influence Education Reform and Child and Family Services:
  the simple act of joining the PTSA - even if you do not have the time to get personally involved in the future - increases the influence of our PTSA at the local, state and national levels in efforts to advocate for improvements to the health, welfare and education of all children.

Are you a Microsoft employee?  Make sure to indicate that you are an employee on the Lake Hills PTSA Membership Form and Corporate will match your donation!

Joining and/or donating to the PTSA helps parents and teachers to work together and provide a voice for the best education for our students. When you join, you have the right to vote and help decide how we manage the Lake Hills Elementary PTSA, what programs we provide our children and how to best help our teachers!

In addition, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families because we are also part of the Washington State PTA.

With more than 132,000 members, Washington State PTA is the largest volunteer association dedicated to the education, health, welfare, safety of all children in Washington State. When you join PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.

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